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  1. Players in this age group must be 8 years old or younger prior to January 1st of the current year.

  2. The pitcher’s mound will be set at 35ft. and the bases will be set at 60 ft.

  3. The 11-inch softball will be used

  4. Game time is 60 minutes

  5. Offense and defense will trade positions after 3 outs by the defense or 6 runs scored by the offense

  6. The infield is defined as the area inside the baselines. Outfield is considered the space beyond the baselines.

  7. Umpire’s judgment will be used regarding whether the ball is in the infield or the outfield for base running and time out situations.

  8. For safety reasons, all infield defensive players must start behind the 35ft pitcher’s mound until after the batter has hit the ball. All outfield defensive players must start on the grass line.

  9. One defensive coach is allowed on the field (in the outfield) for instructional purposes ONLY. Defensive coaches are encouraged to stay off the playing field during the second half of the season. 

    1. Defensive coaches will not be allowed during the end of season tournament

  10. If a defensive coach intentionally touches the ball while it is in play, or causes a defensive player to move by physical contact, the batter/runner will be awarded the base they are running to plus one additional base. 

    1. If it happens again the coach must leave the playing field for the remainder of the game

  11. A coach will pitch the ball to his/her own team. The pitcher/coach must remain in contact with the pitcher’s mound while pitching.

  12. If a pitcher/coach intentionally interferes with a batted ball or play, the batter/runner will be called out and all runners will return to the base occupied at the time of the pitch. 

    1. If the ball hits the pitcher/coach while they are attempting to move out of  the way the ball is live and playable.

  13. The pitcher/coach may only talk to the batters or runners between pitches.

  14. The pitcher/coach or base coaches cannot physically help the runners stop or go. Any runners who are contacted in this manner will be called out.

  15. A batter will receive 5 pitches. 

    1. 5 un-hit pitches or 3 swinging strikes will constitute an out

    2. If a batter hits a foul ball on the 5th pitch or 3rd strike the batter will receive an additional pitch until the ball is hit, there is a swinging strike, or the batter watches the ball. 

  16. There is not a third strike drop rule

  17. Walks are not allowed

  18. Intentional bunting is not allowed

  19. Infield fly rule is not in effect

  20. Stealing is not allowed

    1. Runners may not advance on a wild pitch, passed ball, or throw back to the pitcher

  21. Runners cannot advance home on any overthrows.

  22. Runners may only advance home on a hit ball.

  23. Batters may advance one base on a ball hit in fair territory in the infield

  24. The batter/runner and any additional base runners may advance one additional base on any misplayed or overthrown ball. This is at the runner’s own risk.

    1. A two base advance will be the maximum bases allowed on a ball that is stopped on the infield and overthrown

  25. Runners may advance (at their own risk) on any ball hit into the outfield until the ball has been thrown to the infield. Once the ball reaches the infield it is a dead ball and runners are stopped at the base they were advancing to.

  26. A softball tee will be provided for any player who may need it while on offense.

    1. Players are only allowed to use the tee if their coach approves or requests the tee.

    2. Players are only allowed to use the tee once per game.

    3. It is encouraged during the second half of the season that players do not use the tee. 

      1. If players continue to use the tee during the second half of the season they will not be eligible for all stars.

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